HTC Project supports YOU CAN BE HEROES

HTC Project supports YOU CAN BE HEROES during its European awareness campaign on rare diseases

Created by Aurélie FAUVAIN treated for two rare diseases (idiopathic aplastic anemia and paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria) and her husband, YOU CAN BE HEROES started a European road trip aboard a van specially arranged for the occasion. This project aims to raise public awareness of the issues of rare diseases, blood and bone marrow donation, and to collect testimonials from patients met along the way. YOU CAN BE HEROES is supported by numerous associations such as HPN FRANCE (, CENT POUR LA VIE (, ACUT ( as well as by the AGENCY of BIOMEDICINE (and its platform dedicated to bone marrow donation and PHOTOACADEMY (www.les Part of the money raised by YOUCANBEHEROES will be donated to the HTC PROJECT international research program.

Thank you and have a safe trip!

For more information on YOU CAN BE HEROES or on Facebook @youcanbeheroes and on Instagram @youcanbeheroesontour