Why donate to HTC Project ?

 Offering a better care and safer treatments to our patients  

Thanks to your financial support and  access to our unique collection of donor/recipient couple samples, we can go further in the understanding of bone marrow transplantation and its complications. We aim to offer a better care and safer treatments to our patients.

Dr Boris CALMELS, Pharmacist-Biologist Cell Therapy Department, Paoli-Calmettes Institute, Co-Founder of CRYOSTEM and HTC Project

Of 24 000 transplanted patients each year in Europe for serious blood diseases or major immunodeficiency, 50% suffer, in the short or medium term, from infectious, pulmonary, cardiac or dermatological complications, 25 % face severe and even fatal complications. By supporting the HTC Project Endowment Fund you empower scientists from around the world to develop innovative research projects to better understand, predict and treat these complications.

Each donation is important to investigate the complexity of the transplant biological mechanisms and control the risk of complications.
Together we can give bone marrow transplant patients a real chance to make a fresh start.