What are the complications of bone marrow transplantation?

maximise the benefits of bone marrow transplantation and give patients a REAL chance to make a fresh start.  

For the transplant of a new immune system to “take”, we must begin by destroying the sick one of the patient, which imposes heavy treatments. It is still very difficult to understand and anticipate the complications that mayarise just after the transplant or in the months or years that follow this operation. These complications can be related to the conditioning treatments that prepare for the transplant, the weakness of the immune system of the patient which makes it, for a time, more susceptible to infections or very often to the attack of the patient’s tissues by the donor cells ( so-called Graft-versus-Host Disease or GvHD) reaction that can affect the skin, the liver … This disease affects more than half of the transplant patients and there is no efficient therapeutic resources at the moment. By joining our strengths in the frame of HTC Project, we intend to maximize the benefits of bone marrow transplantation to give patients a real chance « to make a frech start»

Pr. Jean-Hugues DALLE, Transplant Physician Département d’Hématologie de l’Hôpital Universitaire Robert DEBRÉ

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Join HTC Project today to give bone marrow transplant patients a REAL chance to make a fresh start.

Pr Régis Peffault de Latour, Hematology-Transplant Department Saint-Louis HospitalCo-founder of CRYOSTEM and HTC Project.