The CRYO-LEA cohort launches its operations

Marseille, July 10, 2018 - The CRYO-LEA cohort announces the beginning of its operations with the inclusion of a first patient treated for leukemia during childhood.

The CRYO-LEA Cohort intends to bring together the biological resources of 2,000 patients to support research projects focusing on late side effects associated with current treatments;

CRYO-LEA is part of the HTC Project's international research program dedicated to the complications of bone marrow transplantation;

This project has received financial support from the Gueriduncancer association.

To the administrative steps for the implementation of the CRYO-LEA cohort started at the beginning of the year followed, since this morning, the collection of biological samples from patients treated for leukemia during childhood. To maximize its chances of success, the CRYO-LEA cohort relies on the CRYOSTEM's expertise and national network, as well as on the LEA's cohort which currently gathers prospective data from more than 4,000 patients. A launch that fully satisfies the founders of the Gueriduncancer association who initiated a national awareness campaign on the issues of pediatric cancer research.

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